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Pixel "stains" of different color on top part of the screen

Hi all, yesterday I noticed that the upper part of my tv started to have some “stains” of pixels showing colors different than what they are supposed to be.

Normally these stains are of a light blue color when on the screen there is a bright image, then they turn black if there is a completely red background and when there is a black image they are completely unnoticeable.

I also noticed that if I look closely with a flashlight these stains sort of remain even when the tv is turned off.

I never spilled water on it or anything, actually i never even moved the tv in 4 years.

Any idea what it could be? (TV model: Samsung UE55JU6400)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @vladp ,

Have you tried adjusting the picture Zoom or Custom position up and down to see if it resolves the problem?

Go to (MENU/123) > MENU Picture > Picture Size > Picture Size > Try Now

Here’s a link to the user manual. Scroll to p.121/194 (pdf file numbering at top of document) to view all the options for moving the picture so as to remove the line from the top.

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it could be that air is getting into the lcd

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Gage, Whaaaaaat? Can you please elaborate on that?


I have seen that Samsung phones have had air get in between the LCD layers in cases similar to this


This could probably be the cause, after a while I noticed some screws on the back of the tv were a bit loose and there was a small gap between the panel and the rest of the tv.


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