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MacBook Gets Hot & Screen Goes Black (After 10 Mins)


I have been reading a lot about this topic of black screens on Macs. My case seems to be different. My screen works but only for about 10 minutes, which is when my Mac start getting hot, (for no known reason) the fans go full ball and screen goes black.

I have gone through recovery options after thinking it was an issue with my OS, which after a few attempts finnaly worked to reinstall Mac OSX. The screen stayed on for a record 40 minutes.

Now when going to set up my mac the screen in completely black and my mac is asking to do voice over commands. I tried shining my phone light through the apple symbol but I cant see anything. I know the screen works, so why would it be cutting out? When connecting to HDMI, it does not respond. I will order a thunderbolt to hdmi to try get visuals. Until then, what else can I do to fix this issue?

I had the Mac inspected and it had shown no signs as to why it’d be happening. They suggested I replace the SSD. Instead I erased all partions and reinstalled. Would that have the same effect?

I usually leave my mac for 20 minutes to cool down, then its display works again. But not this time. Im very confused and dont know what the issue is. I feel like its Apples way of telling me to upgrade, which is not fair considering the specs are just as good as the high-end laptops coming out today.

Any & all help is much appreciated.

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Is this the same system or a different one @zstechfix ??

I thought you had a retina not a unibody as you've indicated here.

Check your other question for my update.


Youre right,it is retina. the form auto filled for the wrong model. And thanks for your help I will check it now, friend.


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Look on the logic board at the ends of the heat sink where they are crimped shut. You are looking for an oily type stain. This will tell you that the liquid filled heat sink has leaked. In this case, replace the heat sink and thermal paste.

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012 Heat Sink Replacement

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The only thing I think it maybe is your fan is not going and your laptop is over heating.

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The fans kick in very fast/loud about 2 minutes before it shuts off...


Might just need a good cleaning. Computers shutdown by themselves to prevent damaged when they are overheating.


I appreciate your feedback but all the essentials have been checked. I heard it could be the GPU buck converter but I need further confirmation or other alternatives other than "clean fan" "make sure fan is running" because the fan is fine. see pics here

My Mac Is Dying Repeatedly


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