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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Won't turn on after Water Damage


I recently received a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, 2 TBT3) with water damage.

I treated all the components for water damage by cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. I also put the board in a heating oven for 1 hour on 175 degrees Celsius.

When i opened the MacBook the components didn’t look to bad to begin with. After thoroughly cleaning them they look like new.

The battery seems to be dead as i can only measure 2-3V on it. If i plug in the charger i measure about 12V on it but even after charging it overnight the battery is still at 2-3V

After all this the MacBook doesn’t show any signs of life. So i am hoping anyone out there has any more tips or tricks i can try.

Is it depended on the battery being fully functional or does the main board definitely have some issues?

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I believe that even if the battery doesn’t hold charge it should power up if everything works. I believe the laptop motherboard is probably fried. You could pull the SSD off and try on other Apple computers to make sure its not storage problem.

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