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I sheared a resistor(?) off of the back of my 1060, can it be fixed?

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I have a Zotac gtx 1060 6 gb, and while i was swapping to a new case, i managed to knock a little black retangle, what i believe is a resistor, off of the card. Can it be fixed, or do i need to look for a replacement?

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Suggest post a pic of the damaged board/component. Can you solder and is there room? If not, you’ll need to get new. Good luck!


alex collins just like the aforementioned, post some pictures of what you got going on. Post it with your QUESTION

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@oldturkey03 i have put a picture up, thanks for the heads up


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alex collins looks like reference designator C6(8?)42 is the part. That is a capacitor not a resistor. Yo ugot plenty of room to solder and the solder pads look really good as well. Since there are no markings on the capacitor you will need a capacitance tester (some multimeter have it standard) and measure the capacitor to get a replacement. Most likely or would have it. If you do not have a capacitance meter try to get somebody that does repairs to check it for you. Electronics stores , Colleges, Trade Schools etc. will also be an option. If you cannot measure that cap measure the one in location C764. On a hunch, I bet they are the same value. Not a difficult job to fix this board.

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Send a pic so i can find a replacement for you. Also you need to solder it back on! So when you go to the hardware store always get Rosin core solder With flux if possible. I also recommend you get 60/40 type that contains lead . and also you if you need to know how to solder try this video series.

If possible buy a solder iron that has Temp Control + a grounding pin on the plug.

NOTE: Try buying a mask as soldering is toxic. But if your brave you can just hold your breath and be quick!

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