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How to fix the seventh generation of Honda's compact car.

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Did someone put sugar in...

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I bought a used 2003 civic LX 1.7 and it ran great. The people I bought it from had all the service and records for everything with this car. A few days later I notice it louder from the engine,than a stong smell of gasoline . And than it started stalling. It would take a couple more times of turning cranking it and foot on the gas a little to get it going but than would stall out. So i got the cam shaft sensor replaced. Did not make a difference even though that was one of the diag. Codes. And that code also still shows up . gas fuel door doesn't shut all the way. I'm thinking someone put something like sugar in it. I attached some pics. From what the OBD reader says

I'm a girl I don't low what this means. Pleaseeee help

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Yourpics didn't show.

Here's how to do it on ifixit Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag.

Did you purchase the vehicle as a private sale or from a used car dealer?


Private. But they had it in great shape. I drove it home 40 miles away and the 2 days was fine . Had no issue until it was in my possession and i live w someome who is not nice person keyed the night before it was running funny. That's why I suspect some one tampered with the gas


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Was the gas tank filler door flap shutting OK before the problem started?

Here’s some information regarding what a P 0301 code could mean in your model vehicle

Here’s a link showing the cylinder firing order which will help you to find the location of cylinder one which is going to be the first cylinder in the firing order of the vehicle,

Take the car to a reputable professional mechanic and get it solved. It may be cheaper in the long run.

Also perhaps invest in a fuel locking cap - example only to prevent anything from possibly happening in the future now that the fuel door doesn’t close properly

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I have a misfire in all cylinders. The cap doesn't seem to lock all the way either.. thank you for your help btw! I really appreciate it you have no idea


The gas cap door wasnt shutting before everything happened


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