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Repair documentation and service information for Hisense televisions.

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Hisense Smart TV with Crack Screen

Hello I’ve crack my tv screen. How much would it cost to Fix

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I cracked my 40 inches hisense screen . How do I get a screen to buy n fix it


How much will it cost for to get my TV fix my hubby hit my TV with his fix and it's cracked all across it.


I have cracked lcd for my hisense 50k321uw how much would be the cost for a new panel.


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Verdell Davis  that will depend on the size and availability of the panel. Most of the time a replacement (if it is even available) will cost more than a new TV. Remove the back from your TV and check the label affixed to the panel. It will have the maker and model number for your TV on it. Then do an online search and see if you can find one. You can always check places like ebay, craigslist and others, for a replacement panel or a TV like your model that is broken other than the panel. You could harvest the panel from that. Again, availability is going to be your biggest challenge

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Thank you. I will look into your suggestion. I hope i am able to find the part.


Mine is 55k3300uw hisence 55inch4k how much please


The screen cracked please I need to know if there's a spare for my screen to be replaced thanks you..


Hi, can you answer me?

What is the cost of repair of broken HISENSE 65A7100FTUK ?


Where can I fix my cracked screen for my hisense smart TV 50 inch, I'm in PMB KZN South Africa


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