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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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My iPod classic won't turn on and wont charge (known good battery)

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Hy everyone!

I have a problem with an old Ipod Classic A1136 (5th generation).

The iPod is completly dead but there is one sign of life.

If I charge this iPod the chip with this number (6A 4066 N2647) is warm that’s the only sign of life.

The chip is on the front of the motherboard and on the top of the left side.

If I charge the iPod with or without the battery the chip is warm as well.

I know It’s not a common problem but I think you can help me guys! ;)

And sorry for my english! : )

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@karl67 the number one issue with this model iPod is the battery connector. It has a tendency of breaking of the logic board. Check that first. As for the IC that warms up post some pictures of the location etc., with your question. That way we can try and identify it. Remember that schematics etc. are not available. Adding images to an existing question

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Thank you for the answer! I posted a photo with the chip.

And one thing: if I charge the iPod with or without the battery the chip is warm as well.


Difficult to make out but it does look like a LTC4066 USB charging IC. Check the rest of the circuit and the battery connector.


Thank you for the answer! I will check.


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