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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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How do I reset a forgotten firmware password on my MacBook air?


I am thinking about using an extra layer of protection for my MacBook Air, setting a firmware password.

However, If I forget it, I have no way of resetting it myself without going to an Apple store.

My question is, is there a way to reset a firmware password without having to take my computer to an Apple store?

I have also done a lot of research, and the best I could come up with was a youtube video showing how you can use an un-locker tool on a USB stick to reset the password, but it’s not free and I can’t afford to buy that kind of tool.

Is their a free and easy way to reset the firmware password on a MacBook Air, 2017?

I haven’t set the password up yet, I wanted to ask you guys if their was a way for me to reset the password if I forget it before I aplied that extra measure of protection.

Thanks in Advance.

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First the USB tool is a joke! It doesn’t work.

The hardware password is set within the systems EFI in such a way all you’ll do is damage it killing your system if you don’t know how to reset it. So how does Apple do it? They either plug into the logic board diagnostic port or take the chip out of your system and then using a very special tool reset it.

So what would I do. I would write down the password in a notebook with all of my other important information. Then place that book in a secure place. In my case I have a safety deposit box at the bank which I store my backup drives. While I have a larger need to store my stuff off-site just in case. You might want to leverage the same approach using a fireproof strong box you have in your closet.

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