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The third generation Pixel released by Google in October 2018.

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dropped phone, black screen.

So I have dropped my phone a couple times but tonight I dropped it on a hardwood floor and now the screen won't work. The screen cracked, but didn't shatter.

I feel vibrations and things like when I get a notification, but it doesn't show the screen.

I tried pressing and holding the volume+power button but nothing happened.

When I press the power button once, it shows a glitch thing in the screen. Is there anything I could do about this or is my phone really done for?

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Sounds like your display is just damaged. Only way to verify that is to slap on a replacement screen and see.

You can 1) Order a screen and attempt to fix it yourself 2) Browse your area for a mobile repair shop.

Google Pixel 3 Screen Replacement

Looking at the guide, I would say if you have not done this before to let someone else do it. Of course, screen repairs are not cheap, but I would trust someone who has a good repair rep to handle this for me.

You can even discuss it further with the chosen repair shop to see what else they can offer you. Back up data and transfer to another drive, etc.

Hope this helps.

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