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An LED smart TV released by Samsung in 2013.

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Why does my screen go black every few seconds, loses sound with pictur

I turn on tv, get smart screen logo as always, picture, then it goes to black, then smart screen, and just repeats over and over. Sometimes no sound. This started immediately after I set up a smart tv in another room, just a coincidence I'm sure-strange timing! Turned off tv, cable box, unplugged all, changed HDMI cord.. help!

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Karen Shelton are you getting the same when you only connect a local device like a DVD/BR or Game console? This could be a settings/network or Firmware issue as well as hardware issues.


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Hi Karen Shelton,

Could you please verify the model number of your TV?

Try a power reset and check if that resolves the problem.

It doesn't take long and is always worth a try in these instances.

Here's the procedure;

Turn off the TV

Switch off the wall power outlet that the TV is connected to (if yours has an On/Off switch) and disconnect the TV power cord from the power outlet.

Press and hold the TV power button for 30 seconds and then release.

Reconnect the TV power cord to the wall outlet, (and switch on the wall outlet).

Turn on the TV and check what happens.

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Tried it. Didn't work. The tv is now cycling off and on to only smart tv screen, never goes to tv. There's also a circle on the bottom R, LED tv/conventional tv. If it was a car, it's on empty, needle is completely down and battery shows empty. Before it would go back and forth, showing a full battery icon and needle up on LED tv. The correct.model # is UN55H6350AF. I appreciate the help..maybe time for a new 1. I know how to do that, haha!


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