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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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Old Ps4 will glitch out and then shutdown?

As of a couple months ago, my ps4 (not coming from ps4 itself but the tv audio) just randomly started screeching combined with the screen glitching out and flashing a bunch of random bits before it completely shut off. after a long period of testing, the ps4 will also do this same thing if i press down on it in the top right quadrant, or sometimes if i play a game that is intensive. (i.e. bo4 will kill it but hollow knight is fine). although there has been periods of time where it's worked without problems (aside from it shutting off and glitching out if hit or bumped around that area), but it will eventually start crashing again. I believe it might be the power supply but i haven't seen this happen to anybody else on any forums so im confused. also it is very dusty on the inside and would have the fans spinning constantly despite where i had it (out in the open or in a cabinet)

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That is a problem with the APU (Accelerated Processing Unit / CPU + GPU combo) processor developing a loose connection which happens either from overheating and/or the console being dropped. Usually only the 2015 launch models a batch of them suffer from this fault.

Only solution would be to do the washer trick first which may make the console work fine again for a month or if lucky a year at best.

PlayStation 4 Turns On Then Back Off Repair

The other solution which is not economically viable is to reball the APU which requires a BGA rework machine ($2,000+) and lots of experience with micro-soldering.

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