Bissell Bolt Battery Replacement Anyone?

It appears that the Bissell Bolt ION 2 in 1 vacuum is a great example of planned obsolescence. I’ve had two of them and you are lucky if the battery lasts the two years while in warranty. Bissell does NOT sell a replacement battery and I have been unable to locate an after market replacement.. Wiring some odd batteries together is the only suggestion I’ve seen. Anyone have an idea about this?

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I also bought a bizzell colt upright cleaner, and now it doesn't work needs a battery, but I'm unable to find one, in NZ, its not that old, 2or 3 years, should have kept my old one as its still working a friend has it, so now I have to spend more money to get one that's going to see me out ( I am 72 ) so what too buy now??? Not a bloody Biźzell, thats for sure, somewhere I can get help if needed. Robyn W.


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