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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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Yellowish discoloration on LCD TV

My Sharp Aquos LCD tv model LC-C6554U has some vertically oriented oval-shaped yellowish discolorations in the upper left corner, upper right corner, and upper middle. The rest of the picture is perfect and these areas are only visible with a light image color, such as sky or snow. I’m hoping this is repairable as the rest of the TV functions perfectly. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Block Image

Block Image

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Rick Dortch could be a backlight issue as well as other things. Yellowing can be caused by bad backlight LED’s and sometimes the diffuser caps can fall off and change the appearance as well Of course there is always a possibility of a bad panel etc. We would need to see what you see. Post some good pictures with your QUESTION. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

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Looks like the yellowing is following the backlight arrays. You would have to disassemble the panel to take a look and possibly replace the backlight LED strips. Of course there is always a chance the yellowing is on the diffuser sheets (unlikely) and you will find out when you disassemble the panel. It's a bit of work and there is always a risk of breaking the panel with to much flex etc. I think I would just try and live with it until there is absolutely no other way.


Thank you oldturkey03, I just added some photos. The yellowish discoloring shows up best with the tv set to “antenna”…there is no antenna connected. It’s very light and sometimes hard to see with a standard image unless the background is light colored. I put one photo with no markings and one with rough red outlines around the areas. Thanks again.


I recently changed backlight LED from a local repair shop and from that day my panel started looking yellowish tint like you see when you set your mobile phone to night mode i wonder if backlight that guy installed were bad


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