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Eighth generation of the Honda Civic.

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RPM & Check light

I’ve HONDA Civic 2006 it’s RPM suddenly starts surging up after start,temperature gauge keeps going up & down keeping me in dark about it’s temperature,check lights gets on,tried to get it fixed but invain,

I appreciate your auto-diagnosis of this issue ??

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Hi @hbuddy ,

Did the get the OBDII port scanned for codes?

If you did what were the codes?


Need more information: Did both problems start happening at the same time? Did they all of a sudden show up, or did it start to happen more often over time? Does it do it ALL the time, or just when starting cold?


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its probably going to be an issue related to your coolant system which is probably making the engine rpm’s increase in order to try and make everything else work harder to cool the engine back down. check thermostat, double check for any leaks, and try and get the relay for the fan checked. hopefully it’ll be one of those.

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