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The twelfth and final generation of the Cadillac Eldorado was introduced in 1992 as a two-door coupé.

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I need a service manual

I'm hoping OT has the service manual for my 1996 Eldorado LTD. I need to replace the radiator and hoses ;-)

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You can find the service manual of your Cadillac 1996 Eldorado LTD at I am sure that you are going to love this place. What you can also do is checking out some general car repair and maintenance tips online from places like to get some guides and tips related to enhance the lifespan of your vehicle.


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The service manual for your Caddy is available right here. Good Luck ;-) chapter 3-12 page 75 tells you how to remove your radiator etc.

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You da man! Thanks a lot


Hey could you re upload it? I could really use the help.


If you have it handy, it would help me out as well.


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Here are a bunch of Cadillac Manuals

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