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Announced in August 2017, the Galaxy Note8 is the successor to the recalled Galaxy Note7. The Note8 was made available to the public for purchase in September of 2017.

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Black screen, no drop damage

My note 8 screen suddenly stopped working, no drops or known damage of any kind. Just a totally black screen but everything else seems to work, light blinks, it rings when you call, everything. A repair shop that was planning to replace the screen said the screen is ok but the screen power chip is bad. Does anyone know of this is on the logic board or daughterboard? Also, if i replace the logic board, will i lose my data?

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Brady Martin “if i replace the logic board, will i lose my data “ yes you will. Your data is stored on a memory IC which is part of your logic board. Not sure which “power chip “ the person you took it to is referring to. U900 is the display PMIC which, in principle could qualify what that person is suspecting. It is on the logic board. I’d suggest you go ahead and follow the troubleshooting as outlined here

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Thanks so much for the helpful response. I'm just getting into component level repair, so this should help a lot. I'll give it a try


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