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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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Is there a good way to ensure adhesion to frame near charging port?

I was recently put on the task of repairing a bunch of broken iPads at work and so far the iPad 10.5s have been the biggest struggle. The primary issue I've been running into is a roughly 2 inch width region of the screen seems to not adhere to the frame above the charging port. I've been using a Prime Tech Tools mobile repair vice to apply even pressure to the screen, as well as Tesa tape and adhesion promoter. The rest of screen/frame mount points adhere brilliantly, it's just the one spot causing trouble. Any advice or a point in the direction of a guide that may address this more closely would be greatly appreciated.

N. Batson

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Most screens have an adhesive that has to be heated to a certain temperature with a heat gun to adhere properly.

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Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the issue, I've been applying heat with a heat gun prior to clamping the device to no avail.

Thanks for the help,

N. Batson


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