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Support and repair information for Beats Solo3 headphones.

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My Beats hinge won't snap back in place

The little hinge on the left side is broken and won’t stay in place.

Anybody know anyways I could fix it without breaking my headphones?

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I’ve had this problem too recently, I figure the problem either lies with the hinge pins or the little clip-like structure that actually snaps it back into place. There’s a small metal structure that you can see the ends of when you snap them out, with two ends on either side facing in that snap in and out of little metal “pockets” on the ear of the headphones. One of the ends may be broken or just bent out of place, so you might be able to just bend one or both of the clips inwards to restore some of the tightness. If a side is broken, you can get a replacement piece at this link.

The metal piece that is most likely causing the problem would be that little squiggly thing with the crimped ends in the photo.

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I have the same problem here but in Solo 2 wireless, are these connectors' tabs work with Solo 2 wireless?


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