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Mono B/W laser printer.

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Brother printerwont connect to my wifi (but its showing other wifis)

I've been using the model without any problem for a month since i bought it, but it suddenly disconnected from my wifi. I reset the network setting and tried to connect to my wifi again through setup wizard, but it's  not showing my wifi (SSID) any more while it has other wifis from my neighbours. The router is located about 20cm away from the printer on the same desk, and my other devices including phone, ipad and laptops are well connected to my wifi

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1 Antwoord

Reset the Network Settings to the Factory Settings


You can use your machine's WiFi button to reset the print server to its default factory settings. This resets all information, such as the password and IP address.

  • You can also reset the print server to its factory settings using BRAdmin Light, BRAdmin Professional 3, or Web Based Management.
  • Make sure the power cord is plugged in, the top cover is closed and the machine is turned off.
  • While holding down the Power button , open and close the top cover.
  • Release Power button . Make sure that all the LEDs turn off.
  • Press Power button six times. The machine will restart.

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