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Why are my menu settings not working?

I have a lg 65uk7700 for about 7 months. Worked fine. Then there was a gradual disintergration of the menu display, untill now the menu, settings will not open and there is NO picture but the sound is working

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Hi @jandian ,

I would recommend that since it is only 7 months old that you follow the instructions in the manufacturer's warranty statement (usually found in the user manual) as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair, replacement or refund.

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@jandian this sounds like either a bad display, bad main board or bad t-con board. Since the picture disappeared gradually. I would start with a new T-con board. Before changing it so check one thing. With the TV on and the sound playin. dim the light in the room and shine a flashlight at an angle against the screen. See if you can make out shapes, silhouettes etc. Let us know about this. Then remove the back cover from your TV and check the boards for some obviously damaged components etc. Post some good pictures of the boards and the way the boards are mounted to the chassis with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see.

Adding images to an existing question

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