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14" - Core i3 2310M - SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 - 2 GB RAM - 500 GB HDD

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My HP laptop has been infected by a virus. Need help clearing it.

My HP laptop needs to be cleared because of a virus (?). It is very slow now and it’s doing strange things. I tried to erase everything but I got a message that I do not have enough space. That seems very odd. Why would I need space if I am erasing everything. Is there a way around this ? PS I have windows 10 Thank you

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Hi Richard Whiting

1-If you are able to connect it to the Internet do it and install a trial version of a decent Internet security program such as '“Kaspersky Internet Security”

its free version is available I guess . Update it and run the “Full scan” or use online scan services.

If there is a copy of other similar programs on the laptop please uninstall them before new installing.

Do the step 1 before any other action and write the result of it please .

1-b: Press and hold "Shift" key simultaneous with doing right click to choose "Delete" from the menu ( you will see a red cross with the message which means this action removes the file(s) for ever without moving them to the Recycle Bin)then press "Enter" key

to delete the file(s) permanently. This has no need to any free space.

2-Recovering to an earlier situation (restore point) if step 1 doesn't work.

3- Because your laptop comes with Just 2 GB RAM so keep the partition “C” up to 70% free and try not to install several programs on it.Try to keep files in other partitions( for example “ D” if there is ) or move them to the external hard drive.

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I was able to run a full scan of my computer , 300,00+ files were scanned, but that seems an impossible number of files. The results of the scan: "No threats were found" . Very strange indeed. Something is not right but I haven't the vaguest idea what.


1-You need to consider the partition C( for the virtual memory/pagefile/swap file)as at least 40 percent free(for 2GB RAM),more free space means more speed.

2- You may need to uninstall those programs which you have installed recently, because sometimes they are not compatible to each other and with those that you have installed before.

3-Open the task manager.Click on the "more details' and then on the "Performance tab". Look at the activity of the CPU,is it very active when you try to do ordinary level tasks? if yes then click on the "startup" tab and disable unnecessary programs to help RAM .You need to consider the partition C as at least 40 percent free to help the virtual memory as well.

4-Afer these all , you may need to restore the OS to an earlier situation to fix the issue:

Control Panel>System>System protection( properties)>System Restore.

5-Always have a backup image from the OS( and other partitions if is possible). I myself use "Acronis",otherwise you have to install a new copy of the OS and the programs as the final step.


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