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The tenth generation Ford F-Series is a line of pickup trucks that was produced by Ford Motor Company, it was sold from the 1997 to the 2004 model years.

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2001 F150 Starter not engaging.

My truck (01 f150 w/ 5.4) is not starting at all. Not cranking or anything.

Recently the main power cable to starter corroded away while at work…ended up shoving wire into broken end into the end of starter bolt where it broke off and was able to start it and get home….resulting in me having to change harnass.

Thats done now it won't click or anything. Battery is at 13.2v. I removed starter and had it tested at o'Reillys and is reading fine. I took off ground from frame and sanded living !#^& out of frame and added a copper washer for better contact and made sure the firewall ground is also fine.

I've had a test light down on starter while someone is trying to start it and getting good reading until they go to start it….when key is turned to start position the power drops to nothing.

I've also tried jumping battery even though it is good and had a battery from another vehicle try. Oh and I tried starting it from both neutral and park just incase the switch suddenly broke.

Any ideas?

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Quick update… havent been able to make it to parts store to booster starter that way yet. I borrowed a “deads man switch" from friend at work and hooked to starter positive and ground and tried with no luck with key in on position ( light did light up on switch like it was getting power thoug) heres a pic of what i used…[image|1946514]

Should i still proceed with the hotwire or try changing starter even though it tested good last week when i had it out?

Edit...Realized I cant post pics for some reason... basically i used matco remote starter part md 101a to try and get it working at starter with no luck either


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Lance Zahnow sounds like it is shortening out somewhere. Double check your wiring harness and make sure that all of it is properly route and hooked up. Also, try to “hot wire” your starter while mounted to see if that makes a difference or if this is shortening out as well. Sometimes doing a quick bypass by using some booster cables directly to the starter, may also shed more light onto this. Let us know what you find out.

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Dont trust the starter being grounded to the transmission housing, run an additional BONDING WIRE from the starter mount bolt head (on the starter side) to a known good ground on the chassis or engine block. Corrosion can build up between the starter and aluminum transmission mounting points. I also advise the jumper cables directly to the starter, with extream caution. Your new copper washers give 2 new places (each side of the washer) for corrosion to cause problems, copper is not a good long term conductor when its open to the environment. Simply cleaning and treating the ground cable and its mounting spot is enough for a long term effect.

Also your battery was 13.x volts as you may have just recently shut off the engine that was charging it. It takes some time for the battery to settle down to its fully rested voltage, and to cool off from being constantly charged while driving.


When you say jumper cables to starter you mean just hooking up additional negative and positive cables from battery to corrosponding spots on starter (positive on solenoid on starter and ground at back on mounting bolt) too see if that works?


@Lance Zahnow yep that is what I would try. May even consider removing the wires from the harness to see if that changes things.


Alright tried booster cabling starter to no avail. Going to pull starter again next and put a new one in just incase the test previously done was not correct.


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