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6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by LG. Model LG-H790. Released October 2015.

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Nexus 5X does not turn on after battery swap but screen shows charging

I recently replaced a swollen battery in a Nexus 5X. The phone powered up and operated normally with the swollen battery. Upon replacing it with this battery from amazon: (

…the phone no longer turns on. It does show the battery charging imagery on the screen.

I left it to charge overnight, and while it shows me it’s charged, the power button does nothing.

Looking for some advice and troubleshooting steps. Thanks.

I already disposed of the swollen battery at Home Depot’s disposal bin. I didn’t want a swollen battery in my house.

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You may have to go back in and check your work.

Check that the Power button actuator is working correctly and that there are no problems around that area, e.g. loose or broken connections etc


Thank you for the reply Jayeff. I took the phone apart tonight and left it apart with the battery disconnected for further inspections. I removed the rubber button and checked it as best I could with a magnifying glass. I don't see any obvious problems.

Would it be possible I have received a bad battery? I guess it wouldn't be an expensive experiment to purchase another one.


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Double check the battery flex cable connector on the systemboard to make sure that no pins were bent etc when removing/replacing the cable.

You may have to also check that the Power button is positioned correctly.

Step.19 of the ifixit Nexus 5X Screen Assembly Replacement shows the button for you to compare.

A new battery may only prove that the replacement is OK (did it charge to 100%?), although in saying that funny things can happen when you have power problems.

Did you try getting into the recovery menu area and check if you can start the phone that way?

Here’s a link that shows how to use the hardware buttons to perform a hard reset.

DO NOT perform a hard reset as this will erase all your data and downloaded apps.

The idea is if you can get into the Recovery menu area, there should be an option that says reboot the phone. Use the Volume buttons to scroll to the reboot option and then use the Power button to enter.

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