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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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MacBook stuck on black screen

About a month ago my 2019 MacBook Pro was stuck on a blank screen.

It’s like the laptop was still working, but the screen stopped working. There would be a sound when I plugged the charger in, I could hear the fans working, I could even charge my phone. But the screen stayed black.

Eventually I found a fix online. I reset something by holding keys down after pressing the power button and it started working again.

Anyways, this exact same thing has happened (black screen), but I’ve forgotten what I reset to make it work again.

Can anyone suggest what I could try?

It wasn’t the SMC or PRAM/NVRAM. It was another one which I found only after hours of searching.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Josh. I am facing the same problem, did you find a fix?


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Does an external monitor work?

The only other keyboard command is toggling AirPay on/off via the TouchBar AirPlay button or in the displays menu bar.

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