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Repair information for the Canon Pixma Pro-10 color inkjet photo printer. First available on Amazon in September of 2012. Model number: PRO-10.

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How do I remove dog kibble from the printer?

I left the top open with a sheet of paper ready to print in the morning. In the morning I printed the 8x10 photo then changed the guides for 13x19 paper. When I tried to print it sounded like a machine gun. There were many dog kibbles that had been hid by a mouse who has been steeling dog kibbles and hiding them; this time in the printer. I got most of them out so it doesn’t make noise, but it doesn’t feed evenly and jambs. I’m sure there is one more kibble that I can’t find. How do I remove the outer layer of the printer to get at the inside?

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There does not appear to be a teardown of this model printer yet. I would remove the ink cartridges, turn it over and shake it.

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Lol, I'd try exactly the same. And canned air as a last resort.


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