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My Intuos Pro Pen button is not clicking anymore

Wacom refuse to fix stylus or even to sell separate parts, they only advice you to buy a new pen (≃90€).

Therefore I am stuck with a broken pen that looks easy to fix but can’t find any trustworthy details about the repair.

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Hi @mrgt ,

Don’t know the answer or whether this is a help or not but since you really have nothing to lose …..

Here’s a link to a video that shows how to dis-assemble an Intuos 4 pen.

I realize that it is not the same model as yours but perhaps it is similar enough in design that opening your model may be the same.

If you do get it open and have any further questions, post back here (with images of the problem if you think that it would help) and hopefully get more detailed help.

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It seems to be the same pen actually!

The correct name is Grip Pen, but it was release with the Intuos 4 tablet.

I will give it a try and post a guide if it is successful :)



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