After drop broken screen and back and multiple problems

I dropped the phone and broke the rear back and the screen has a green line but digitizer not broken.

I have reset the phone few times even with DFU with iTunes.

Thanks in advance to any reply.


  1. Back camera can't focus. Comes in and out of foces rapidly. Attached a link to show the issue:
  2. Front camera also can't focus. Same behavior as the rear camera.
  3. Face ID registration opens and I see my face but registration fails. Getting instructions to lower, lift get closer or far from the phone.
  4. Vibration not working.
  5. No sound at all. Volume indicator not showing when clicking the buttons. In control center the indicator is grayed out. But with BT earbuds it is working. Volume buttons can adjust the volume.
  6. WiFi is working but one time it was also grayed out and can't be turned on. Only full reset worked. Settings and network resets didn't work.
  7. Cell reception I did not check.
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