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The 2009-2014 Ford F-150 was introduced for the 2009 model year as an update of the Ford full-size truck platform.

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Heat blows cold at idle/rest, and proper hot temp when driving. What

Truck blows cold at idle /still and proper hot temp when driving. What could cause that?

Not low on coolant, System hold pressure. Caps good as well.

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Still seems like air in the heater core, very hard to get out. Can you access the 2 heater hoses going into the firewall, one is in and one is out, what I do is locate the out hose, figure out where the heater core metal pipe ends inside the rubber hose and where the clamp seals the hose, pull the hose past this point without totally removing it, drill a small hole in the metal pipe on top to bleed the air out when at higher engine speed but in Park, while filling the radiator at the same time to keep the water level up. once you feel the core is bled, push the rubber hose on and tighten the clamp, this should do it.

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