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The OnePlus 6T is an Android smartphone made by OnePlus. It was announced on October 29, 2018 and released on November 6, 2018.

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I need a replacement battery for OnePlus 6T

I see iFixit has OnePlus 6 batteries but not 6t. Anyone know where else I might be able to get a new legitimate one from or when iFixit might get 6t parts in stock?

I know its only been a year but I have tons of charge cycles as I guess you can say I am a power user and have run my battery into the ground and have gone from 8+ hour OST down to barely 4 hour OST. I saw the video on here how easy it was to replace so I may just do it myself if I can find a battery then purchase the iFixit kit.


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Hi @furiousone ,

Just search for OEM BLP685 to get results for suppliers of the battery that suit you.

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Thanks for this! Now worried as the search only found shop websites in china. I have heard bad things about these wish sites but I guess I can try as the battery is only $10.


Hi @furiousone,

This came up as first hit on search - location USA


Nice, thanks! Sorry to keep bugging you but would I need to find new adhesive for the back cover or can i just plop the cover back on the original adhesive?


Hi @furiousone ,

I've never done a OnePlus phone but I usually put new adhesive on just in case, but if you think that it's OK then go for it.

Good luck with the repair ;-)


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