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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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Why is my MacBook's right speaker constantly popping?

I have this problem with my brand new Macbook Pro 2019 (Vega 20, 32 GB Ram, i9 2.3, Mojave 10.14.6).

Every 30 to 60 seconds my right speaker is popping (a small static electric discharge sound). I can replicate this by playing any video on my browser. A single pop can be heard when the video starts and another one if i try to skip the video. I have seen other users experiencing this. This is what i have tried so far:

Plugging an external audio interface. The issue disappears.

Sign in as a new user. No luck.

Disk reset. No luck

Fresh OS instal. No luck.

Call Apple support. No luck

Bring the machine to a certified service Apple centre. No luck.

Any ideas?

Here is video where you can see the issue:

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Time to visit an Apple Store! Your speaker is damaged. It should be covered under warranty. I would strongly recommend you get AppleCare+ contract while you’re there.

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Thanks for your answer Dan. Actually this is a software issue. New 16 inch MacBooks are having this too, at least 3 out of 4 machines. I was planning to purchase an Apple Care contract but judging from Apple's support regarding this issue i am not sure anymore. You will see many users complaining about this popping issue the last 2 months and Apple is dead silent. Even the senior advisors don't talk about this.


@dmstasinos - If this is your issue it was fixed in firmware a few months ago on the 2017/18 models How to Fix 2018 Macbook Pro Sound Crackling Issue

If your speaker sounds more like this How to Fix Macbook Pro speaker Buzzing/Crackling/Interference/Distortio... Noise With Some White GLUE! the cone is damaged and you need a new speaker.

I haven't heard any buzz (pun intended) on the new 16" models as they are just arriving into peoples hands now. And so far I haven't heard of any 2019 models having issues beyond the speaker cones being damaged.


Hi again Dan. This is a new issue that persists even in the latest version of Catalina. 2018-19 MacBooks are affected, both 15 and 16 inch. Here is the link of the thread i created in Apple's site regarding this issue. I started this topic about my 15 inch unit but early adopters of the 16 inch model are reporting the same issue here:


Here is video i made in order to show the intense popping that i have while using FCPX:


@dmstasinos - Well this is a very different issue than what we had faced before!

From the video it appears you are hoping between two different video files. The transition is what I'm suspecting is source of the click as the input is jumping between the two sources in FCPX. It might only need a fix within it or if YouTube vids are also effected then it may just need a short delay for the DAC to switch to the other source.

Clearly there is nothing we can do here as all of the systems are within warranty coverage. All I can suggest here is make sure you've posted a proper complaint with Apple Support directly. Get a hard copy of the report (or email) so you have it documented. And lastly sign-up for AppleCare + to be safe!


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