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Self-priming automatic electric pumps with helical gears, produced by Marco.

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The pump is running but no water

The pump is running but there is no water

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From the day that I installed the UP6/E it was difficult to get it to prime, even when I was just switching tanks. I kept relocating the pump lower towards the water tanks. I checked for suction leaks and even replaced hoses.

I eventually found that the check valve on the pickup side of the pump was bad. It had a tear in the plastic body of the valve that kept it from preventing back flow. I have not found a source for a replacement valve, but I folded the plastic piece back together and reinstalled it.

It primed in mere seconds for the first time since I owned it (5 years about).

You can find the check valve right in line with the water supply line where it hooks up to the pump. You’ll notice that this hookup looks slightly longer than the discharge hookup on the other side. That’s because the water supply side is made up of two parts. Take off the two parts and unscrew the two parts to find the check valve. It might just be jammed in the open position or deformed or damaged. My valve was a pain to get out due to water scale buildup. It’s probably best to get the pump on a well lighted, clean workbench right off the bat.

Update (09/15/2020)

Block Image

Block Image

Update (03/08/2020)

Here’s another update on parts for the pump. Contact for ordering.

As I said before, the nonreturn valve now shows up in the schematic but it is not available to purchase.

I put a oneway check valve in the water line between the water tank and pump. That solved the prime problem and pressure loss that caused random activation of the pump

As you can see, the prices are prohibitively high. Replacing the seal between the pump and electric motor would cost $92.00

I posted the new parts diagram in one of my last updates

Answer from Mate USA

So, in the UP6/E pump manual, item# 2 the seal is only sold together in a replacement kit that has the gears and faceplate. Part number MR64-000-04/Retail price $92.00 (not kept in stock in US – has to be shipped from Italy)


The brush holder (image below) is part number MR64-000-78/ Retail price $53.50 each (not kept in stock in US – has to be shipped from Italy)



Item #14 (non-return valve) is not available as a spare part.


Item #26 (image below) is part number MR64-000-49 (sold as a pair)/Retail price $25.20 (In stock in the US)

Item #26 is the threaded nipple for the intake and supply side of the pump




Best Regards,


Charlotte Sundquist

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Hi @tenakeetom ,

If I'm reading it correctly there is no replacement valve available. It doesn't even rate a mention in the parts diagram (see p.11) unless it is considered a part of the pump body (part #1), so it's a good thing that you managed to fix it.



Correct, I haven’t found a replacement check valve. I noticed that the check valve is not shown on the parts breakdown diagram. The check valve is housed in the pump body, so maybe I would get a check valve included if I ordered the pump body.

Why dont they show the parts numbers in the parts diagram ?

I also need the shaft seal that keeps water from exiting the pump section and entering the electric motor. Water is getting inside the motor.


The “new” parts breakdown schematic now shows the check valve! I’ll try and post a screenshot. And, of course, they don’t show a part number. I have an email in to the company, and am waiting for an answer.


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Prime the pump

Priming Tips

  1. Place the pump as close to the water source as possible. ...
  2. Fill the pump case completely with water (Never operate a centrifugal pump without water in the pump casing)
  3. Start the pump engine.
  4. By partially restricting the discharge hose, priming time can be improved.

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