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Repair guides and support for the HP's basic inkjet printer line, the DeskJet.

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HP 2512: not feeding paper, rollers aren't moving

My printer is no longer feeding paper when a single sheet is loaded or a stack. It makes a sound like it’s trying to feed the paper, but when I shine a light down into the printer, I do not see that the light gray rollers are rotating when the printer rests them against the paper.

I saw a similar issue (and fix involving epoxy) for a Deskjet that has a horizontal tray, but mine has a vertical tray so I imagine the fix will be a bit different if there is one. Thanks to anyone who has a solution here.

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Opened her up with the help of this YouTube video (getting the display panel off was a trick!). I found a broken off cog (white) and post (tiny black) that I’m attempting to glue back into place. The missing cog caused a disconnect between the other moving cogs and the feeder roller. Fingers crossed here. Also, I cut a window/hole in the back right side of the printer body to access the site. I wasn’t about to take the whole inside apart!

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