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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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PowerBook doesnt start even with ac connected

powerbook doesnt start up. after it wasnt switched off for a few days and battery was (322 cycles ) pretty much dead since it was not connected to ac.

i didnt use the book for quite some time ever since.

one day ago surprisingly i could start it while ac connected and i ran fine.

i turned it off and switched it on severals hours later. it started without any problem again.

today i tried again, it doesnt start at all.... neither battery (wich doesnt show any green LEDs) , and neither with ac conncted.

what your recommondation?


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Tell us about the AC charger connector light please.


hello mayer

theindicator lights on ac are green. no green lights on the battery though.

today i found out abaout a PMU restart.

great, and it starts this way. but when i turn it off it cant be startet normally, so i do the PMU again and it then

starts again.


orderd new battery...thanks!


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If the battery drains completely, sometimes these machines will not start with the AC adapter plugged in. After the battery get some charge it will start up. Of course the battery has to be able to take some charge. If your's is almost gone, it would behave as your is doing. Here's where to get a new one:

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I'D check the PRAM battery too...


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