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The Pontiac Grand Am is a mid-size size (and later compact) car produced by Pontiac. The 1999-2005 generation is the final generation of the Pontiac Grand Am.

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My RPM gage is not working!

2002 pontiac grand am gt V6 3.4

My rpm gage is staying at zero when car is running, Idol as well as driving! The car does not run any different! Except my check engine light came on!

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19rhonda69ness  before anything else you do want to get your OBD scanned. It is possible that this is a bad tach but it is also possible that this is a computer issue. Once you got it scanned let us know what codes you got.

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If there is no code for the tach then your next step is to pull the cluster and look for a cracked solder joint, you will need a good light and a good magnifying glass, then a solder iron to reheat it and remelt it to a good connection, don’t over heat the contact, could be anywhere but inspect the contacts that also have a wire harness attached to them, they are typically the trouble area due to vibration of the wire harness back there in the dash, usually the end terminals but inspect 100% of all contacts to be sure of other pending problems.

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