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Released September 22, 2017. Model A1863, A1905. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64 or 256 GB / gold, silver, and space gray.

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any suggestions about this water damaged iPhone?

I have an iPhone 8, that doesn’t show any signs of life. The only thing that it does, is charge the battery and get warm, but it has nothing on screen. There is some corrosion near the taptic engine, but the logic board has none. Any ideas?

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You can start from here, the guide is now a bit dated but it’s still actual: iPhone Liquid Damage Repair

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ill try that, hopefully it works!


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Heat is a good sign—heat = short. The logic board DOES have damage if the device is getting hot. You’ll need a beginner microsolderer who is in the learning stage, and a short circuit board is a great place to learn. In general, experienced microsolderers will not accept water damage for repair “to be a phone again” because the labor plus parts can exceed the replacement value of the device. We see plenty of similar boards that come in for data recovery, but the process is the same.

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