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JBL T450BT is over the ear, wireless headphones with JBL Pure Bass sound, up to 11-hour battery life, and call and music controls.

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JBL T450BT shuts off when the left earcup is moved, loose connection?

If you don’t want to read, I have a video instead:

For about a year now, my JBL T450BT headphones would crackle whenever the left earcup was moved up and down. Now the problem has increased to the point now where the headphones will only stay on if the ear cups are in a certain position, which unfortunately is not a position for listening to music on your head. It seems as if the cable linking the left earcup to the right maybe damaged, but I have no clue how, or if I can fix it at all.

As there is very limited repair documentation for this model of headphones I would be happy to provide any specific pictures/videos needed.

Any help would be appreciated, as I would like these headphones working for exam season, which is like now… Please visit the video above, for a visualisation of the above info. Thank you so much for your responses in advance, I will be eager to see what you suggest in the comments below.


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Hi @stefanh3 ,

Here’s a link to a video that shows how to partially dis-assemble your headphones.

Once dis-assembled you can use an Ohmmeter to determine the connection problem between the left and right speakers.

If it is a fractured wire in the swivel joint of the headband you may be able to work out how to pass a new wire through the headband. Although it also may be something as simple as a dry solder joint connection on the circuit board.

You won’t know until you can determine what the problem actually is.

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When I get time, and can borrow an ohmmeter, I will give this a shot, thank you so much for helping out. Will report back if this works :)


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