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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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MacBook Pro went crazy PLEASE HELP

A few hours ago I opened my laptop to login with my password as usual. However, I couldn’t because the keyboard was typing itself and no matter what I’d do I couldn’t stop it. I powered the system on and off and double clicked the cursor but it would only restart the typing.

I decided to let it die and see what happens. An hour ago I plugged in the charger and opened my laptop. It showed me the regular user or guest screen. When I tried clicking on my profile, the cursor on screen did not move.

I powered on and off again and opened it up to a screen that was prompting me to activate the trackpad (I think) but I don’t have a separate trackpad.

I plugged in an actual HP mouse which is working but now it’s prompting me to do something else with a green light and I have no idea please help.

I do not use or own any separate parts with my laptop like an Apple mouse or Magic Trackpad.

I will try to attach a picture of the screen right now

Update (10/17/2019)

It was the trackpad cable! It was completely worn out and after getting it replaced, everything was back to normal. Thank you! @Ayden Aldrich

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This can actually be caused by a bad trackpad cable or liquid damage on the trackpad connector on the trackpad itself or the logic board side.

First thing I would do is open the bottom cover of the MacBook and inspect the connector on both sides for any signs of corrosion which is usually in a white powderish form and darkened (corroded) pins.

If it looks okay I'd replace the trackpad cable and go on from there.

On the 2015 A1502s they commonly go bad as it rubs against the battery and bottom cover. Applying tape over the replacement cable alleviates this problem.

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This is the best response! I am very confident this is a failing trackpad flex cable. This is the part you're looking for. MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Early 2015) Trackpad Cable


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so sounds like you got hacked/ have a virus so what that is when you surf the web and click on some ad sometimes it downloads something that gives the people who made the program control over your computer you can try to get in and run a virus scan(ONLY TRUSTED ONES NOT SOME RANDOM YOU SEE ON THE INTERNET)and get rid of it but can't do much if it types random things if that does not work you can factory reset(you will lose all pics apps etc) or contact your provider.

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oh, what about the random typing? that is not caused by malware randomly typing stuff?


Random typing that can be caused by viruses so I would uninstall any third party software that offers cleaning on the MacBook.

OP try testing the Mac in safe mode. You can enter safe mode by holding the shift key down while the MacBook turns on.

If the problem doesn't occur in safe mode that eliminates a hardware fault and instead it is caused by software.


Ayden - How would you prove this? Is this the most likely or the least likely given what the OP stated?

While it can happen this is not the symptoms of a hack or virus.


well random typing trackpad somehow gets disabled and if the cord broke it would say no trackpad or something it has happened to me before and it was NOT malware problem everything was fine then boom everything happened and if the virus caused the random typing it probably caused trackpad problem too


@Ayden Aldrich - This is strictly a hardware issue!

A common issue is people using a spray cleaner directly on there keyboard and trackpad letting it drip into the guts of trackpad seeping into the layers of the trackpad altering the capacitance between the plates. A second issue is corrosion on the backside of the trackpad basically doing the same.

The other possibility is the battery pressing on the cables. This gets worse just after charging as the battery can swell up from the heat of the charging.


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