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Repair information for the fall 2018 addition to the ASUS ROG Zephyrus lineup. This is a high-end gaming laptop in the thinnest frame for those specs at the time. Model number: GX531GS-AH76.

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Over heating problem in zephyrus laptop

i have zephyrus gm501gs laptop and i think that something wrong with it’s over heating , when i choose silent mode for fans cpu temp max is 87 and no noise from fans, otherwise if i choose balanced or over boost mode temps will become over 95C and fans runs noisy, is that normal temps for that model ??

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Hi Mohammad,

the temperature of the CPU/GPU may be nearly around 90°C, but only in the full power state (playing some game on the ultra settings). If you are doing nothing on your laptop and it’s too hot, it may be full of dust or cooling paste can be out of date. I’m suggesting you disassemble your laptop and check your MB and remove all dust and also repaste your CPU - GPU.

If your laptop is still overheating after the replacement, it’s time to check patency of the heat tunnel. You can check it by blowing air into it.

For disassembly, check out this video, it is not the same type of laptop, but it’s the same principle! The specifics guide is here, but it’s not showing re-pasting CPU/GPU. According to me, it’s simple and you can do it without any guides.

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In idle both GPU/CPU temps are under 50C, but while playing games on ultra settings GPU reach 85-90C and CPU temps exceeds the 95C


It is low overheating, do the re-pasting and then will be all Ok.


Thanks for your answer>

Will try re-pasting but for now i just disabled the turbo boost for the CPU and temps are good but i lost chunk of FPS


@Mohammad Aldababse

You are welcome :) Good luck and be careful during re-pasting.


guys all you need to do in those asus laptop go to the power option and then to performance and then change advanced setting go to processor power management and set the processor maximum state for both to 99% this will decrease the cpu temp to 70 while playing


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