PP_VDD_BOOST short help ip7

Hi, I would appreciate some help on this ip7 that was completely dead. After connecting it to a power source U2310 was getting very hot measuring the boost line there was a dead short on the line. I found it was the c2304 and after removing it the short was gone. Thinking the phone was fixed i reassembled it and turned it on but nothing happened. So I took it apart and did some voltage measuring. So i had the phone connected to USB only by the dock connector and voltage on the battery connector is fine 3.7v and vdd main is 4.2v but when I connect the battery the vdd main drops to the battery voltage 3.8v is this normal? I didn’t find any other shorts other voltages seem to be fine when connected to usb power.

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You mean U2301 right? A filter cap that failed... Usually you would replace not remove but near impossible to find id so can't blame you but did you do everything (diagnostics) again when the fix didn't work? The failed cap might have been a symptom not the cause, and there may have been other problems on the circuit, or removing it just caused a different problem on the filter chain.


@kumowoon1025 That's a refreshing approach, symptom and cause..no plz bro solution..thanks, you made my day :)


@kumowoon1025 Yes sorry the u2301 boost ic. After removing the shorted cap no short normal voltage on the line. Also all the other voltages are present like pp3v0 pp1v8 pp0v9 pp1v1 BUCK2_PP_SOC_FB is at 0.8v BUCK0_PP_CPU is at 0.75v there is no voltage on the gpu line. The phone doesn’t get recognized by pc and doesn’t get warm if connected to power for a longer time. I don’t know where to go from here since im still learning.


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