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The Galaxy J6, released in 2018, is the successor to the Galaxy J5.

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My phone doesn't turn on and keeps restarting when I plug it into USB

Hey there, Recently i tried to root my Samsung J6+ using magisk and TWRP recovery but it failed, when i open up the phone it just tells me that i can’t use samsung pass because my phone has been rooted but when i check using root checker there was no root, i tried flashing a new software for my phone but when i was flashing using odin my phone turned off and kept rebooting on a green screen that tells me “An error occured while installing software update”

so now my phone doesn’t turn on but when i plug it into my laptop or charger it just keeps restarting on that screen

when i try to go to download mode without pressing continue it just stays but when i press continue it keeps restarting again and again, Hopefully someone could help me fix it, Thanks.

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I would see if you can re-flash the original firmware to the device. Unfortunately your device might be bricked. This typically happens when power is cut to the device while flashing the firmware.


May be ask in XDA J6 forums - more users from Samsung there.


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you have to repair the phone boot with jtag and flash it

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I have a j6 plus which I received from a dead aunt and dit not now the password so i factory reset it but now it asks for the old Google account and i do not now it cant access the j6 plus an the city i live in cell repair shop can not bypass or flash a new os an it any idea how to help me


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