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HP's expandable, RPN-based graphing calculator. Manufactured from 1990 until 2003.

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no longer can be turned onl

I removed the batteries without turning the 48sx off. It no longer powers up. Can this issue be repaired.

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I don’t have the exact answer on your unit, I sent in an expensive CASIO to the main repair facility thinking it was a software issue only, they wanted to replace all 3 main components that they would assemble, meaning they wanted to charge me full price to repair the unit by assembling all major components in the repair shop and trusting their workmanship instead of sending me a new, from the factory in Japan unit off the shelf. SAD.

Please don’t get your hopes up that its only a blown fuse, which I doubt.

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Thank you very much. My hopes will remain very low but I will start my efforts with the fuse(s) when I find them.


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