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Repair information for the Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine, released in 2018. Model number: SM-J737PZDEBST.

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Incoming doesn't work when WiFi connected.

My phone will not receive incoming calls and texts of I'm connected to WiFi. I've looked through every possible setting in my phone, I refreshed network, I've factory reset my phone. If I restart it, everything will come through and then go back to not getting anything. If I have WiFi off, everything works. I've gotten nowhere with my phone provider, even though contacting them 5 times. I'm at a loss.

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Is your SIM card activated? Do you have wifi calling enabled?


Yes it's activated, and I have no idea where that is, I'll look though. All my settings for calls are what set to when I factory reset my phone, so I should be good.


The only solution is replacement, S9 or 9+. I recently got the 9+ to replace my J7, which was designed to fail within 18-24 month, for sure.


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Go to your dialer (phone icon) hit 3 dots in top right corner. Disable wifi calling then restart. Try receiving a call

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There is no such option in that menu, or when I click settings from that menu.


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