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The Wi-Fi only version of Apple's iPad 6, released in March 2018. Available with 32 and 128 GB storage options. Features a 9.7" Retina display and 64-bit A10 fusion chip.

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Can't turn on WiFi, Bluetooth doest find devices.

I recently successfully replaced the digitizer on my iPad 6th Gen (WiFi) after using for about 2 days, the iPad rebooted itself, and now WiFi switch is turned off and greyed out, and Bluetooth just keeps searching for devices and can't find anything. I tried resetting network settings, rebooting my gateway modem, and restoring to factory settings. Nothing worked. What I am wondering is would a bad antenna cause these issues, or if the antenna is bad would I just have crappy reception?

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It’s possible that you may have successfully repaired the screen but damaged the connection on the iPad itself. If it’s greyed out from my experience that generally means that someone inside the iPad is damaged. Only way to fix it is to open it up again and check

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Generally it turns out to be the wifi chip going bad if that's the case the logic board would need to be replaced otherwise time to get another iPad.

It's actually quite rare for these to go bad on iPad air and newer iPads.

Double check the two antenna connectors near the screen connectors on board as they can get unplugged accidentally rare but does happen.


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