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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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Samsung ssd for MacBook Air (13, Early 2014)

Is there any adapter card to use with a Samsung EVO 860 SSD for upgrading a MacBook Air (13, Early 2014 model) ? I do see an adapter given by a couple of suppliers for Mac Book Air 2012 model only. Thanks.

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I personally don’t recommend using M.2 SSD’s in Mac systems using these adapters. I’ve taken out quite a few failed adapters and SSD’s.

I do recommend sticking with either the OWC, Transcend or the custom Apple SSD’s.

While I understand the desire to find a cheaper solution, sometimes it’s a risk that may cost you.

If you are still determined I would recommend you speak with these adapter vendors.

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I am going to agree with Dan here,

I would not recommend the M.2 SSD Option for an upgrade as I too have found more times then not the SSD will fail. not if, but when is the question. Personally I would always recommend using genuine apple products inside apple products as they seem to be the most reliable.


Hi Dan and Austin, thanks for your prompt reply. I have used an OWC SSD in my MacBook Air which is doing fine. But being in India I had to spend almost double the price including customs and shipping. I was wondering whether I can use an SSD available here.


Fairly sure 860 Evo is a SATA SSD so there's no way to use that on the system.

If you were to use an third party SSD it would need to be a NVMe / PCIe based m.2 SSD with the sintech SSD adapter.

I don't recommend doing the adapter option because it's not stable for use.

I only ever use the m.2 option if it is for a SATA based SSD such as the mid-2012 MacBook Pro retina.


@benjamen50 - FYI

Samsung 860 EVO M.2

Samsung 860 EVO 2.5" SATA

I love Samsung SATA drives but I would't try using their M.2 SSD's with an adapter in a MacBook Air or Pro. I have four of them in my drawer burnt out.


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