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A 64.52" LED 2160p 4K UHD Television released in 2015.

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Tv will not power on.

TV is one year old and all of the sudden, the TV will not power on. I’ve checked the power source and the outlet is not the problem. Any idea what the problem is and where to get it repaired?

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I am having the same problem! Did you have any luck fixing it?


Tyler, having the same issue. Any luck with you?


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@sherribgibson really could be a lot of things. You would always start with the power supply first. In your TV;’s case you do want to check any warranty from whether Vizio or the store you purchased it from. If it is covered under warranty do nothing physical to the TV but holler a lot at the store etc. If it is absolutely not covered you will have to take the back of your TV and check the power board first. Let us know what you find out.

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I'm having the same issue actually. Checked voltage and seems to have all 19v going out to the main board. Can't seem to find a Standby voltage spot, but did find a wire that was sending 5v over to the main board, while plugged into the power supply. Do you think it may still be a power supply issue, or maybe a main board?

The LED light flashes very quickly when plugging the main adapter, btw.


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