Why does my iMac turn on in every building other than my office?

I moved my iMac from home into my office and it would not turn on at all there. So I took it around the corner to a repair man and it turned on straight away at his shop. He suggested I get a UPS to see if that makes a difference. So I took it back to my office and tried plugging it into a UPS, but it still did not work. The input / output voltage on the UPS display read 245 volts (I am in Australia where to wall sockets should be somewhere in the range of 230-240V). I figured that the voltage must be too high for the iMac, since the power at home (where it works fine) is 230-240V as it should be. So I unplugged the UPS from the wall to run off the battery and the UPS started outputting 230V yet still the iMac wont turn on!

Please help, I really need this iMac working for my business. There has to be something wrong with my office building because the iMac works fine everywhere else!

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Let's see if other Aussies would know more about this @jayeff @benjamen50


@lionliam96 - Did you check the ground connection at the outlet as well as your breaker panel making sure its tied to either a metal water pipe leading out of the building or ground rods. Make sure the connection points are not corroded up and the rods are in moist ground.

You may need to talk with the power company to get a power meter placed at your home so the power can be properly checked.

You could have a phase issue or the neutral or ground side the transformer feeding your home maybe hot.


@lionliam96 just to clarify, you unplugged the UPS from the outlet. No physical connection to any possibly ungrounded outlets, yet your iMac still does not turn on from the UPS power? what make and model is your UPS?


@oldturkey03 - My Smart APC UPS's won't work properly if I unplug them. They need the common and ground connections. If I kill the breaker only (hot line) then it does work properly.


@danj well that is good to know about your UPS.


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