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The larger edition of Samsung's tenth flagship Galaxy phone, released in February 2019. Shipped with Android 9.0 (Pie).

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My kid brother broke a pen tip inside my s10 5G microphone hole.

My family was visiting me and my kid brother asked me to play with the phone so i left it with him for the day. After he gave it back to me i saw a trail of ink around my bottom microphone and i immediately knew that he broke a pen in it. I haven't tried any method yet as the hole is too small and i'm afraid i might break the microphone. I need help as soon as possible!!!

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There’s GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tool for 3.5mm headphone plugs, but I’ve never seen anything smaller.

Maybe you could create a smaller version yourself?

If not, you could try putting CA glue on the end of a toothpick to extract it.

GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tool Afbeelding


GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tool


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We would probably open the phone up and try to extract the pen tip from the inside. This does cause a few problems however as it will break the factory seal limiting the water resistance “No phone is waterproof” as well as open the possibility for breaking the back glass. If you can’t get it out from the outside, this might be your only option.

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