Microsoft Surface 4 Pro will not power on have tried multiple things

Hello, I was recently tasked to replace the battery on a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro due to the fact that when the device was disconnected from the power source the device would turn off. I have successfully replaced the battery and from all my empirical evidence I believe the battery is working and is connected properly. I tested the voltage of the battery using my multimeter, and tested the voltage of the battery through an IC connected on the logic board however when I press the power button the device does not turn on, ie. I do not see any response from the screen.

When I plug in the charger to the device I see a white LED light up. so I assume the connection from the battery to the the charger, ie the power rails are working properly, so the only thing I can think of is the power button is faulty.

On this particular model it appears the power button is integrated to the left speaker if I’m looking at this properly. I don’t mind spending the 10 dollars + shipping to get a new left speaker / power button, but I would like to make certain that the power button is the issue.

Is there a way I can bridge connect some pads on the board to simulate the power button on this device?

I see where the power button connects on the logic board and if I could bridge a couple of pads to see if the device would turn that would help immensely.

Any other suggestions are greatly welcomed.

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According to the following you are correct on the left speaker/power button connection.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Left Speaker Replacement

Just a thought. If you remove the speaker is there any contact points for testing continuity with a multimeter on the on/off switch?


looking again at the traces for the power button ribbon cable it looks like there's only one trace that goes from the button the board and if i had to take a guess the button pulls the connection to ground.


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