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4-inch iPhone released in March 2016 with similar hardware specifications to the 6s. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold with 16/64 GB storage options. Model A1662 and A1723.

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Why isnt my iPhone se turning on unless restoring with itunes? more

It all started with a screen replacement. Battery was fine and screen worked good after the 1st replacement then the screen stopped working so I ordered another when installing the replacement all went well except the battery says ‘service’ now and wouldn’t charge past 3% and kept going into a restart loop every 3 minutes, further throughout today before I packacged it up for amazon shipment the phone was really delayed in touch and was on 1% it turned off one last time and ever since it started doing the apple logo restart loop but literally every second. It wont even power on with or without being connected to a charging cable. The only way itll stay on is if I put it into Recovery mode itll stay on and display for the whole time. After that its the same restart loop. I used all the right screws, no drops or anything. Battery and screen are both 3rd party but I never had issues with the battery before this 2nd screen replacement. Any idea?

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Have a look at this other question and @refectio ‘s anwer and pictures enclosed. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had exactly the same issue.

What are the consequences of jumping a broken FL11 next to the battery

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Try another battery which is fully charged. Also try some working screen with iphone. And test iPhone does it work or not. Then you will have exact idea where there is problem with battery or logic board.

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Definitely try another battery and screen before assuming the logic board has a problem.

The battery communicates with the iPhone. That’s why it has 3 pins. It “talks” with the phone to tell it how charged it is,the condition of it,etc. If you used a 3rd party battery,there’s a higher chance of this internal circuitry being defective. If you have an oem battery,or the original laying around,you should try it. You can just lay it on top of the other battery and plug it in.

The fact it was working fine before,you used all the right screws,and only worked on the battery and screen means it really should be one of those 2 causing the issue. But of course there are other possibilities. Sometimes you can knock off a component right next to the battery connector and it can cause issues with battery data.

Do you still have the original screen(if so,does it work enough to test)?

You can also try another screen too,if you already tried another good battery. Oem parts are the most reliable to test with.

A bad screen or battery can cause itunes errors and boot loops. I’ve also seen bad camera flex cables cause rebooting on my moms iPhone.

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I tried the screen that was working with the battery before and it did the same thing. I have it plugged into a wall charger instead and now its on with the apple logo showing with the loading bar idk what it is doing but ill let you know


Update after being plugged into the wall charger and finishing doing what it was doing its now like how it was earlier. restarting every 2-3 mins and not going past 1 or 3% Im trading it into amazon anyway and it just has to power up so I hope it just needs a battery. But atleast it powers up enough for them to check it. Their terms say they handle the rest it just needs to power on


Sorry,I didn’t understand your answer about the battery. Did you use the original battery again to test,or only try the original screen?

Was the phone working 100% before you first took it apart?

If so,have you tried the original screen and battery with it at the same time to test?

Did you try connecting the screen without the camera flex cable attached?

Did you damage anything that you can tell?

If you look next to the batteryconnector,there are tiny components sometimes. Did you knock any off that you know of?

I can look into it a bit. I’ll see if there is a component that next to it or not that would effect it this way. I’ll let you know.


same battery and same screen when it was doing the restart every second and it was working fine yes before I did the screen replacement and I haven't tried the camera flex trick yet and I don't believe I knocked anything off or damaged anything but as of right now its back to square one with it not charging past 1% and turning off to restart every 3 mins


Do you have a magnifying glass? Look at the battery port on the logic board. Turn the board sideways. Look at it from the side of the battery. Look on the far right side of the connector. There should be 2 tiny components next to each other. The one on the left is a filter which lets electricity flow though it. If it is knocked off,battery data cannot go through it. This can cause your issue. It’s a black component. It is freaking tiny. Use light and zoom in your camera or use a magnifying glass. See if the little component is missing. This can get knocked off very easily by a plastic pry tool.


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