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Announced October 22nd and released November 12th, 2013. The iPad mini 2, also known as the iPad mini with Retina Display, has all the pixels of the iPad Air in a smaller 7.9" form factor.

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I accidently tore a cable or flex that was glued to the glass screen

I was originally going to reinstall a screw that had fallen out of my ipad 2 after kids had drop it. During the tear down process I was separating the digitizer from the glass screen but didnt noticed there was something glued behind the glass screen on the lower right side next to the home button. which I accidentally tore. Im not sure what it was . I thought it might be the flex or wifi antenna but not . sure. Is there a schematic or tear down guide with each component labeled ?

Update (09/09/2019)

heres a picture of it

Block Image

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Maybe a teardown would show the component in question?

iPad Mini 2 Repair

Could also attach photo's to aid other participants here identify the component in question:

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That is the whole cable for the touch screen and home button. Screen will need to be replaced.


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Tear down videos on YouTube or ifixit are the best to look for,period.

Sometimes there is tape over random things that can be torn. But there is a flex cable(basically a bunch of flexible wires in one ribbon cable). There is a flex cable on the bottom right. I’ve done my brother’s iPad mini 2 digitizer replacement. It is very easy to tear it. If you upload a clear picture I can tell you if it is the flex or not. But if it is,you need to replace the digitizer,which requires disconnecting the battery,removing the silver plate that the lcd sits in,and disconnecting the flex fables. This is tedious and you have to be careful. Trust me,watch YouTube videos and look at the ifixit tear down guides before attempting this.

ifixit parts are typically good quality. I’d recommend ordering a digitizer from them and replacing it…

If the touch screen doesn’t work anymore,but the lcd still shows the apple logo and image,etc,then it’s obviously the flex cable for the digitizer that was torn.

Youre lucky if it was the digitizer that tore. It is much cheaper(like $30 sometimes) versus an lcd being at least least around $100,usually more that it’s worth.

I can help you more if needed.

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thank you will try


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Hi @efrainp96

The cable is part of the home button/smart cover lock circuits attached to your screen. You will most likely need to replace your screen to fix this issue. Here is a guide to replace the screen:

'''iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement'''

'''iPad mini 1/2 Screen'''

Best of luck getting this one working!

iPad mini 1/2 Screen Digitizer Afbeelding


iPad mini 1/2 Screen Digitizer


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so what do i need to purchase ? the whole screen or just home button ? the reason im asking is the kit i was going to order is ( iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2 Digitizer Screen Replacement White 7.9'' Full LCD Display Assembly with IC Chip Flex Cable, Home Button, Camera Bracket Pre Assembled, Adhesive ) and wanted to know if that has what i needed


Yes the replacement screen will have this cable pre-installed


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